Sealed Units


As you may have read in the 'about us' section John Cartwright the Director of Windowright Ltd has a vast amount of experience in the double glazed sealed unit sector, having previously owned the largest sealed unit company in Shropshire. We aim to provide customers with products and services that comply in all respects with the requirement contained in the customers orders and specifications. We as a company are committed to meeting customer expectations and needs on time, EVERY TIME.

Windowright Ltd manufacture double glazed sealed units that conform to EN1279. Our sealed units can be constructed to the many different variations and requirements that the customer needs. Whether it is to provide the best thermal efficiency or, you may want them to include the vast range of glazing options, patterns or finishes that we offer.

Glazing Options

In addition to the above standard glazing options there are a number of further choices to be considered. Self-cleaning glass, Not 100% maintenance free but it will not need to be cleaned as frequently or thoroughly as conventional glass. Argon Gas filled units are used to improve thermal and in some cases the acoustic properties of the double glazed unit. Warm Edge Spacer Bar sealed units which offer excellent thermal efficiency.

Low E Glass

Low-E glass stands for low emissivity glass. This glass varies from normal clear glass in that one side of the glass has a special metal coating, technically known as a low emissivity, or Low E. coating. Low-E glass is a type of insulating glass, which increases the energy efficiency of windows by reducing the transfer of heat or cold through glass. That means in the winter your house stays warmer, and in summer it stays cooler. As energy saving has become more and more important in our daily lives, implementing low-e glass in your house is a government requirement under Document L.

How it works?

The radiation coming from your heating system and your furniture and furnishings is long wave radiation. This type of radiation should be contained in your room as best as possible, while the radiation from the sun should be shielded and reflected back outside.
Winter - The sun's energy is 'SHORT WAVE RADIATION' which passes through the window and is absorbed by carpet, furniture, etc. The energy is then transformed into long wave radiation. The long wave radiation wants to flow from warm to cool. Naturally, it will try to escape from the glass. At night the heat produced from radiators, wood stoves, etc. will also want to escape out through the glazing. The Low-E coating prevents this when the radiant room-side heat is reflected back into the building. This results in a lower winter U-Value. For winter comfort, the higher the indoor glass temperature, the better the product is for comfort. Summer - The Low-E coating manages the sun's heat in the summer by reducing the amount of heat transferred through the window in summer. The Low-E coating filters the sun's short-wave radiation, which cuts down on the amount of solar heat gain into your building. For summer comfort, the lower the indoor glass temperature, the better the product is for comfort.

Self Cleaning Glass

Windowright Ltd can offer a durable, coated, neutral coloured, self-cleaning glass. Compared to ordinary float glass it provides clearer vision during and after rainfall and it also requires less frequent cleaning. It has good scratch resistance and durability, and in most circumstances can be treated the same as ordinary float glass. Under normal conditions the unique coating destroys organic contaminants on the surface and increases the water sheeting action on the coated surface. This allows dirt to be washed easily from the surface and should greatly reduce the need for manual cleaning.

Toughened Glass

Windowright Ltd manufacture toughened glass for numerous applications, including windows, curtain walling, glass roofs, interior screens, balustrades, doors and low level panels. Toughened safety glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. Due to its increased strength, it allows architects and builders greater scope in their use of glass in buildings. It meets safety standards for glass subjected to accidental human impact at the highest standards of severity, and where a reduction in the risk of spontaneous fracture is advantageous, for example, structural applications, spandel panels, roof glazing etc.

Gas Filled

The introduction of gas into the cavity of a double glazed unit reduces the heat conductance between the panes, helping to keep more heat in during the winter and out in the summer. As a result living and working conditions become more comfortable the whole year round. The thermal insulation is further improved by using a Low e energy saving glass on one side of the sealed unit. This combination of Gas and Low e energy saving glass can achieve an improvement in thermal performance in the region of 50% over and above that of a standard sealed unit. The standard gas used for thermal insulation is Argon. Apart from its heat insulation properties, Argon is non-toxic, sunlight stable, non corrosive, colourless and odourless.

Decorative Glass

Traditional fanlights - Adding the personal touch of a leaded, coloured glass effect to a fanlight or door is very simple to achieve. Our decorative glass department offers a range of styles and designs giving our customers a bespoke service. Each design is carefully prepared using high specification, colour-stable polyester film with built-in UV inhibitors and natural finish pure lead strip. Bevelled Glass fanlights - Clear glass bevels provide exceptional depth and radiance with their three dimensional brilliance. They are hand made from 5mm glass and when combined with lead profiles and coloured glass effect films, they create a stunning focal point for any fanlight design. Another option to clear bevels is Glue chipped bevels which have a textured finish like a fern effect. Another option with bevelled glass fanlights are coloured glass bevels. Colours include blue, green or bronze and come in coloured cluster options.

Leadwork glass

This glass including many different designs such as squares, diamonds, Queen Anne etc is carefully handcrafted and available in different shapes and sizes. Each window is made to match to inflict a constant flow of design around the house setting it apart from all the others.

Internal Georgian Bars

These are internally fitted bars available in various shapes and sizes to add a sleek and modern look to your property. Again many different design can be achieved when using Georgian grills again offering a bespoke service.

Warm Edge Super Spacer Bar

This advanced product provides excellent thermal performance with 950 times lower conductivity than aluminium bar. Super Spacer is made of 100% polymer structural foam, and is unlike other edge seal spacers that contain steel or aluminum wrapped in butyl rubber. This advanced product offers excellent thermal performance providing the most durable and warmest edge.

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